Double Overhand Loop Knot


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I love this knot so I'm happy to show you how to tie it. It's a more substantial version of the regular single Overhand Loop Knot, so it's stronger. It's quick and easy to tie too, but it's a real pain to untie. Actually, if you put any weight on this knot, you probably won't be able to untie it, so you'd be better off using your knife to cut it off. The best part about this knot and the Single Overhand Loop Knot is that you can create a stationary loop along any part of your rope. Whether it be the end of the rope or somewhere in the middle. All you need is some slack to make your bight and then you can tie this one right up. Again, don't think you're going to get this one out too easily. It seizes up tight when some weight is put on it.

To start off, find a place in your rope to make a bight.


Next, bring the loop over the standing parts of the rope.


Bring the first loop through the second loop you created.


Then, bring the first loop around the outside the second loop and wrap it around again. Basically, you'll have two wraps.


Now this is where things get slightly tricky. Hold the standing parts in your left hand and the working loop in your right hand. As you pull those two ends apart, twist your right hand clockwise so the knot itself forms beautifully. You'll see the rope curl around itself to make the nice knot. It should look like this below.


Here's an up-close view of the knot itself.


And that's it! A very nice knot for so many uses. Towing, pulling, fishing, you name it. If you have any suggestions, critiques or comments, please add them below. Thanks!