Overhand Loop Knot


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This is a dangerous knot because you'll likely never see your rope in one piece after using it. If tied this countless times as a kid and I can clearly recall my trying to untie it by pulling on it with my fingers, using my teeth and just about anything else that was available to me. Sometimes those things worked and sometimes they didn't.

This is an extremely simple knot to tie. It doesn't even need a working end. If you find some slack in a rope and tie an Overhand Knot, there you go. All done. The knot creates a loop in the rope that can be used for quite a few things, such as attaching hooks, clips and other rope. Remember though, when tying a loop like this, you're likely to put weight on it, which will cinch it tight. And when I mean tight, I mean tight. Depending on how much tension you put on it, you most likely won't be able to untie it, so get your knife ready. It is an easy knot to learn and remember and it's definitely got its uses.

Okay, let get down to it. I'll show you how to lie the Overhand Loop Knot with my trusted black rope.

First, get your loose rope ready and form a loop.


After that, take the end of the loop and place it over the standing parts of the rope.


Then, take the looped end and bring it around the standing parts and through the second loop you just made.


And that's it! Here's an up-close view of the knot itself.


What are your feelings on this knot? Do you use it a lot? I have to admit that I do because it's sort of a no-brainer, but please let me know your thoughts down below. Thanks!
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