What Are the Best Mittens For Freezing Cold Weather?


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I have been battling cold fingers ever since I moved to the Pacific Northwest. I'd go on vacations up north or ski or go hiking in the deep snow and if there's one thing that's always cold on me, it's my hands and fingers. I wonder if there is actually a solution to this. I don't remember having cold hands like this when I was a kid, but then again, I have never experienced the type of cold that I've experienced over the past few years.

What does everyone use to keep their hands and fingers warm in the winter? Is there a secret out there that I don't know about? I'm definitely looking for mittens because no matter what the glove manufacturers say, gloves can't keep hands warm. They simply can't. Mittens are the way to go, but which ones?


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What you're looking for are military surplus mittens. These aren't actually "surplus," because many of them are brand new, but they're military quality. The mitten itself is a large shell that's usually made of some sort of nylon, such as cordura, and leather. You first put on wool inserts or liners and then put the mittens over them. They should keep your hands nice and toasty warm. If one liner doesn't keep your hands warm enough, then try a different one. When you buy the mittens though, just be sure to purchase a pair that is large enough for any type of insert.